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Chairman’s Message

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Guaranteeing access to insurance and simplifying claim settlements: these are two components of our mission that make GAA an essential organization in the auto insurance industry. Although not well known to consumers, our work is nonetheless essential for them to drive with peace of mind on Quebec’s roads and elsewhere, particularly given the tightening market in recent years. As such, a pilot project is underway to evaluate the relevance for GAA to implement a mechanism that offers businesses more comprehensive coverage for their vehicles, similar to what is already available to individuals.

One of GAA’s strengths is that it understands and meets motorists’ and its members’ needs. To fulfill its mandate of simplifying claim settlements, the teams have set themselves the goal of providing better support to insurers in settling claims involving trailers. This large-scale work that began this year will take shape in 2022 with the launch of an interactive online tool. With its over 400 accident scenarios, this tool will work in tandem with claim processing while promoting expertise sharing within the teams assigned to claim settlements.

Our year-end review would be incomplete without highlighting the importance of the work done by GAA in integrated risk management. Although fraught with challenges, the modernization of its mission-critical systems continued with the EvoluSys project.

In closing, I want to thank all the committed staff and members who make it possible for GAA to achieve its mission so successfully for the benefit of consumers. 

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