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General Manager’s Message

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One of our organization’s key values is continuous improvement. Our goal is to review, revamp and adapt our mandates and services to meet the evolving needs and expectations of consumers and of our members. Once again, this year, our teams brought this value to life.

One of our major projects is the new initiative to review auto insurance forms, which was undertaken in collaboration with a member committee and the Autorité des marchés financiers. Countless hours of research and analysis of our archives and team discussions made it possible for us to lay the groundwork for a project that will continue for several years.

In terms of training, our damage appraisal experts have broken new ground by producing videos and hosting webinars on electric vehicles. Through these new means of communication, GAA reaches out to professionals more effectively and helps them adapt their practice to the technology inherent in these new vehicles.

As we do every year, we continued our communication activities to raise awareness of our mandates among industry professionals. We address consumers’ concerns and help them better understand how their auto insurance works through the calls we receive, the articles we publish and the videos we post. As such, we ended the year by signing an agreement with CAA-Québec to distribute informational content, a project that will launch in 2022.

Another GAA core value is collaboration. We carry out our mandates with the support of 16 committees and working groups that bring together over 100 industry professionals. Thanks to their commitment, the work has continued virtually and has helped our many projects progress and succeed. I want to thank the members of these committees and working groups for sharing their time and expertise. 

I also want to thank the GAA teams and the members of the Board of Directors for their support and for all the work we have done together this year. 

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