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Message from the General Manager

In 2022, GAA focused on providing services that meet the needs of both consumers and its members while addressing several challenges, including the continuation of our hybrid mode activities and recruitment issues, which affect all spheres of the economy.

Create adapted tools

The creation of a new web-based tool designed to facilitate the settlement of claims involving trailers is a great example of the work accomplished by our teams. As part of this important project, GAA’s task force studied more than 950 loss scenarios involving trailers to better equip insurers to process claims.

GAA also worked to update the allocation for workshop equipment, a long-term project based on the comprehensive analysis of 1,000 estimates and the particularities surrounding heavily damaged vehicles.

Other tools created include the Risk Sharing Plan (RSP) guide, which is designed to help insurers better understand the different reports they receive. In addition, the RSP team carried out significant analytical work to respond to reimbursement requests from insurers who granted discounts to their policyholders during the pandemic.

Be agile

Again this year, GAA had to adapt by completing its projects and rendering its services in hybrid mode. Whether they take place in person or remotely, GAA's activities – coaching and compliance work, committee meetings, participation in events, training – are carried out with the constant concern to offer quality services to our various audiences and partners.

The supply difficulties affecting various sectors of activity have not spared our industry, which has led GAA to set up a campaign to better support policyholders facing longer delays affecting the settlement of their claim.

This activity report reflects the work done in 2022 by GAA teams and by the industry professionals who take part in our committees, who offer us their time and expertise. I would also like to thank the members of the Board of Directors for their valuable support.


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