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Access Mechanism Revised: What Changes in Practice

Insurance Information Centre (IIC) agents saw a more than 300% increase in the number of access files between 2017 and 2019. This reflects the tighter market that we are currently seeing. To fulfil its mission of guaranteeing access to auto insurance, GAA revised its insurance access mechanisms to offer service adapted to the needs of consumers.   

Helping consumers find insurance 

The access mechanism allows a driver who is having difficulty insuring his vehicle to get mandatory civil liability coverage of $50,000, so that he can drive on Quebec roads. All auto insurers participate in this mechanism.  

Together with its members, GAA also set up an enhanced mechanism that offers non-mandatory coverage, more specifically to cover damage to the vehicle. Auto insurers voluntarily adhere to this mechanism, which was also revised. Member insurers currently represent more than 80% of the Quebec automobile insurance market. 

The process has been speeded up for the consumer with more streamlined rules designating the insurer to take charge of the file and more details. The changes offer only advantages for consumers: we are here to accompany them during the process and offer them as much coverage as meets their needs. 

In practice for insurers and brokers

The revision has not changed the access criteria but does provide more information to facilitate the application of the mechanism and avoid ambiguity.   

Determining the designated insurer 

The risk will be imposed on: 

  1. The last qualified insurer on the risk OR
  2. The insurer that already covers the home or business risk, as per the case in question, OR
  3. First qualified insurer contacted

Broker market-insurer 

If the policyholder cannot find a broker, the broker market-insurer will find him one.  

Sharing economy

The new mechanism includes, under certain conditions, sharing economy activities for a driver who participates in such activities. 


Questions about the access mechanism?

Insurance Information Centre agents are available to answer your questions on the subject. And don’t hesitate to refer your clients to the Centre.

Montreal area: 514-288-4321
Elsewhere in Quebec: 1-877-288-4321

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