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Understanding GAA’s Auto Insurance Access Mechanism

Every vehicle owner is required to have a minimum amount of liability insurance under Quebec’s Automobile Insurance Act (section 170). Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA) is mandated to guarantee the liability insurance required under the Act, regardless of the risk a policyholder represents. It does so through the access mechanism.

Here is how this mechanism works:

Consumers must take the first step

For consumers to benefit from the access mechanism, they must first have contacted five insurers or brokers, and been refused by each one. They must also provide their contact information, as this must be given to GAA. The access mechanism cannot be triggered if the consumer receives a quote from an insurer, even if he disagrees with it. In addition, to be able to apply the mechanism, the GAA agent in charge of the file must first have spoken directly with the policyholder.

The process for consumers is described on GAA’s web site: 


Which insurer will be asked to assume the risk?

Despite what some believe, GAA does not automatically impose the risk on the last insurer. It is assigned by GAA based on established rules. 

Offer more than the minimum under the Act

All insurers that do business in Quebec are subject to the access mechanism and must offer the minimum provided for under the Act. However, GAA, in collaboration with its members, set up an enhanced mechanism that provides additional coverage in certain cases and under certain conditions. For example, this could be additional coverage for the vehicle (Chapter B) or a higher civil liability amount than the minimum required under the Act. 

Note that the enhanced mechanism does not apply to business clients.



Insurance Information Centre agents are available to answer your questions on the subject. And don’t hesitate to refer your clients to the Centre.

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