Claims experience

Collision and upset frequency

Despite the fact that the number and frequency of claims is either dropping or holding steady, the cost of vehicle repairs keeps on increasing.

  • Regarding collision or civil liability claims, the average cost per claim rose steadily from 2011 to 2021. The increases were 52% for collision/upset coverage (comprehensive) and 74% for civil liability.

Note: Under direct compensation coverage, damages to the vehicle of the driver not responsible for the accident are paid as civil liability.


  • From 2011 to 2019, the number and frequency of civil liability/collision claims held relatively steady. The number/frequency dropped significantly in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Claims at a glance: Collision and upset | Civil liability

In 2021

The average cost of claims was $5,918 | $5,276

The number of claims was 142,609 | 143,042

The claims frequency was 3.27% | 2.65%

Source: GROUPEMENT DES ASSUREURS AUTOMOBILES, Automobile Statistical Plan, General results, Passenger vehicles, 2021.

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