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Automobile Damage Appraiser

After an accident, the insurer will evaluate the damage to your vehicle and repair costs, and then proceed with settling your claim.

The automobile damage appraiser will determine the techniques to appropriately repair your vehicle and evaluate the cost of those repairs.

Will your damaged car be repaired with new original parts or similar parts? At what amount is your car declared a total loss? To answer these questions, the insurer will call on the expertise of a GAA-qualified appraiser.

The automobile damage appraiser is responsible for determining the repair techniques to appropriately repair the vehicle and for evaluating the cost of the repairs, while respecting the standards and procedures defined by GAA. He’ll also factor in the options you chose under your auto insurance policy.

GAA is responsible for the qualification of individuals who wish to act as appraisers

To do this, it establishes and administers the training programs and determines the minimum requirements applicable to the activity of appraiser.

Interested in becoming an automobile damage appraiser?

Please check out this document to see if you qualify:

For more information on training provided by GAA, please see our Training in Damage Appraisal page.


Jacqueline Doucet, Coordinator, Automobile Appraisal
Tel.: 514-288-1537, ext. 2220
e-mail: estimation@gaa.qc.ca


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