Joint Report

At a glance

What should you do if you’ve just been involved in a fender bender? If there are no injuries, complete the Joint Report which can generally be kept in your car’s glove compartment.

Distributed by GAA, the Joint Report is simple to fill in when there’s been an accident with no injuries. It allows the parties involved to identify themselves and report the accident to their respective insurers quickly.

Thanks to this document, it isn’t necessary to call the police to come to the scene of a minor accident.

Speeding up claims settlement

The Joint Report enables insurers to quickly obtain the information they need, including the driver’s licence number, registration certificate and proof of insurance of both parties involved, to establish compensation.

The Joint Report is a straightforward tool that can be completed quickly for an accident with no injuries.

Based on the diagram on the form provided in the Joint Report, your insurer can determine your liability in order to establish your compensation, using the Direct Compensation Agreement.

You can order a copy of the Joint Report on the web site or download the mobile application.

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