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Guarantee access

Having difficulty getting insured?

GAA’s Information Centre provides help and assistance to consumers who are having trouble finding car insurance.

It just takes a call from one of its agents to settle everything quickly.

GAA can help you find car insurance

The Information Centre agents will guarantee the minimum liability insurance amount required by every car owner on the road in Quebec (for private passenger vehicles, the law requires minimum coverage of $50,000). And, after studying your file, they will try to find you more comprehensive insurance that meets your needs.

It’s important to note that the Information Centre can only help consumers to get car insurance for the minimum provided by law if coverage is refused due to, among other things:

  • A false declaration (at the time of purchase or a loss)
  • A fraud
  • A criminal act

Access mechanism: how to use it

To benefit from this free assistance service, first you must have:

  • Tried to obtain insurance from five direct insurers or brokers
  • Show that you weren’t able to get insurance

Once you’ve completed this stage, just complete the form on line and follow the instructions.


Information on the on-line form is secure and is sent directly to GAA’s Insurance Information Centre.

You can also reach an Insurance Information Centre agent.

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