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Message from the Chairperson

In 2023, GAA demonstrated dynamism by piloting various initiatives to respond to the ever-changing auto insurance industry.

The amendments to the Joint Report are a perfect example of this. An indispensable tool for motorists, the Joint Report has been revised based on consumer needs. The exercise led to the creation of a web-based version and a printed form designed to minimize the use of paper.

Sensitive to the needs of companies in terms of insurance coverage, the GAA has also developed a new service for this clientele. Businesses now have access to more comprehensive coverage for their vehicles in situations where their needs exceed the minimum protections required by law. The success of this initiative depends on the commitment of the members who participated in the pilot project and agreed to review their practices.

The ÉvoluSys project

In addition, we successfully completed the first phase of the ÉvoluSys project, a major initiative to modernize our mission systems and ensure their sustainability. This first phase concluded with the migration of the Automotive Statistical Plan and the production of GAA's mission applications.

Renewed communications

In 2023, GAA completely revised its approach to promoting its mandates to the public. In order to better engage Internet users, GAA has designed seven animated videos that present its services in a humorous tone.

By positioning GAA as an ally of motorists, this campaign reinforces the importance of the organization's role in the proper functioning of the auto insurance plan for property damage in Quebec. The results were convincing, with the campaign reaching more than one million internet users in 2023.

At the heart of the industry's challenges

Among the issues that caught our attention during the year was the significant increase in car theft, a scourge that translates into an increase in claims, not to mention the many other consequences for society. GAA has participated in several meetings with various stakeholders to find innovative solutions to help reduce the costs associated with this phenomenon.

In addition, for the second year in a row, GAA ran a campaign to raise awareness among motorists of the longer delays they could face in the event of a claim, due to supply difficulties.

I conclude by thanking all GAA employees and members who enable the organization to fully achieve its mission.


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