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The Joint Report: A new, simplified solution

25 September, 2023

Once filled out, the document is sent simultaneously to the email addresses of the motorists named on the form.  This way, they each receive the accident report in their inbox.

No injuries? A Joint Report will do

In the case of a minor fender-bender with no injuries, there’s no need to call the police. The Joint Report is all that is needed, as it allows each motorist to record the information required to declare the accident to their respective insurers.

Information to be disclosed

Both motorists involved in an accident must identify themselves. They do this by exchanging the numbers on their:

  • Driver’s license
  • Registration certificate
  • Insurance certificate

Your liability in an accident

Your insurer will establish your liability in the accident when settling your claim.

In no way does filling out a Joint Report constitute an admission of liability on your part. The Joint Report is a form that simply allows the parties involved to identify themselves and report the accident to their insurer in a more efficient way.


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