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Identifying your loss

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Case 7b - Position of vehicles undetermined

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Portion of liability:

This case must apply wherever the position on the roadway in respect to the centerline is undetermined or if it cannot be established that a specific vehicle was travelling to its left of the centerline. The mere fact of skidding, when other precise information is lacking, is not sufficient to establish that a vehicle was encroaching on the centerline.


Applying the Direct Compensation Agreement:

  • Vehicles X and Y are each 50% responsible: the insured will be indemnified for half of the amount of his damage if policy only covers civil liability (section A of the Contract). He will be indemnified for the other half of the damage if his policy also covers collision (section B of the Contract). The insured will have to pay 50% of his deductible.

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The content of these web pages is provided for information only and to make it easier to understand the DCA. It is not legally binding. The official version of the DCA takes precedence. Your insurer will establish the portion of your liability in the accident.

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