Insurance rate criteria

According to region

The average premium varies according to the number and frequency of claims recorded in each region.

  • The average premium for a given region depends on the number and frequency of claims that occur each year. This accounts for the variations observed from region to region.
  • The Montreal Urban Community (Centre/East) is the region with the highest number of claims (63,346) and the highest claims frequency (11.87%). This region has the second-highest cost of insurance in Quebec, with an average premium of $989. In contrast, the Bas-St-Laurent region (Lower St. Lawrence) had the lowest premium ($623) and a lower number (13,412) and frequency (8.77%) of claims.
  • Overall in Quebec, the average premium is $775, the number of claims is 492 787 and the claims frequency is 9.13%.

Source: GROUPEMENT DES ASSUREURS AUTOMOBILES, Automobile Statistical Plan, General results, Passenger vehicles, 2021.

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