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Auto insurance in Quebec

Auto Insurance Policy


In Quebec, the auto insurance policy is a standard contract, whether for compulsory or optional coverage. This means that all insurers sell the same product. However, the coverage offered can vary from insurer to insurer.

GAA is responsible for revising the auto insurance contract and recommending changes.

GAA is responsible for revising the auto insurance contract and for recommending changes, if needed. Thus, it makes sure that is always meets the needs of drivers and the industry.    

However, ultimate responsibility for the auto insurance contract lies with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) which also approves and authorizes the use of the policies. 

Insurance policies written in plain language

The auto insurance policies were rewritten so that policyholder would find them easier to understand. The vast task of simplifying the policies, undertaken with the AMF, helped to make insurance policies Q.P.F. No. 1 – Owner’s Form, Q.P.F. No. 5 – Replacement Insurance and Q.P.F. No. 4 – Garage Form and their endorsements easier to understand. Also, Q.P.F. No. 2 – Driver’s Form has been completely re-wrote to adapt it to the new reality of collaborative economy.

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