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Having difficulty getting insured? We can help.

For some reason, your auto insurance was not renewed or, perhaps the premium was very high. What can you do?

The auto insurance market is extremely competitive.  Take advantage of that! Premiums can vary greatly from one insurer to the other. And, you should know that it’s not because you were refused by one insurer that you can’t access the auto insurance market. Check out other insurers or brokers, and compare offers.

Yet, despite having done just that, you still can’t find an insurer to insure your vehicle. Did you know that Groupement des assureurs automobiles helps drivers obtain the mandatory insurance prescribed by law? This service is provided free of charge by the GAA Information Centre.

Sometimes all it takes is a call from an agent to help you insure your vehicle. And, under certain conditions, the agent can help you get coverage to insure the vehicle itself (collision, fire, theft, vandalism, etc.) or civil liability insurance higher than the $50,000 required by law.


Want to take advantage of this assistance?

First, you must have tried to get insurance at least five times before you can qualify for this service. Check out what steps you need to take



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