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Auto theft: GAA is taking action

April 30, 2024

GAA has begun work on several issues of concern to automobile insurers and other stakeholders.

In 2023, insurers paid out no less than $346.5 million in claims to their policyholders who were victims of theft. An increase of 182% over five years.

In order to take part in the concerted actions that need to be put in place, GAA sits on the round table set up by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and Équité Association, which brings together representatives of police services, consumer associations and public bodies.

A consumer awareness campaign is currently being developed to inform consumers of the steps they can take to reduce the risk of having their vehicle stolen.

To this end, GAA, in collaboration with IBC, has produced a number of communication tools grouped together on the infoassurance website: Auto Theft | Featured files infoassurance.


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