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The online Joint Report of Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA) is a straightforward and effective new tool to report an accident to any insurer doing business in Quebec.

To use the online Joint Report, each driver involved in an accident must have an email address.

The online Joint Report can be used after an accident with no injuries, involving one or two vehicles.

This new web tool can be used with a mobile phone or any other type of device. It allows the two parties involved in an accident to collect the required information for submitting their claim and to include photos of the damage incurred. Once the Joint Report has been completed, it is sent simultaneously to the email addresses of the drivers entered on the form. So each of them receives their own accident report in their email inbox.

User-friendly and efficient, the Joint Report saves time by collecting all the information needed to make a claim to your insurer.

The online tool lets you:

  • Provide all the information needed by the insurers, as well as two photos of each damaged vehicle.
  • Forward a copy of the Joint Report to the drivers involved and their respective insurers.



  1. Complete the online Joint Report by indicating the contact details of all the drivers and vehicles involved.
  2. Carefully copy the information that is on the driver’s licence, vehicle registration certificate and insurance certificate. If you do not have the necessary information to complete the required fields, please indicate "none" in order to continue.
  3. If there are witnesses, provide their informations in step 1.
  4. When the fields are completed, you can send your report. It will be sent by email. Make sure you have received it before leaving the accident site.
  5. Notify your insurer or broker as soon as possible and forward your Joint Report to them immediately.


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