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Auto theft by region

Montreal and Laval have the highest frequency of auto theft.

  • Three Quebec regions are noteworthy in terms of frequency of entire-vehicle theft. They are Montreal (Centre/East) at 0.59%, Montreal (West) at 0.41% and Laval at 0.35%.
  • The provincial regions with the highest average cost of claims for entire-vehicle theft are Quebec City (excluding the Quebec City Urban Community/CUQ) at $42,493 and Gaspésie/Magdalen Islands at $42,150.
  • Although it has the highest claims frequency in Quebec, the average cost of claims in the Montreal Centre/East region is one of the lowest in the province ($24,070).

Source: GROUPEMENT DES ASSUREURS AUTOMOBILES, Automobile Statistical Plan, General results, Passenger vehicles, 2021

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