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At a glance

Auto insurers use various criteria to evaluate the risk each driver represents and to offer the fairest premium. Insurers also use the Fichier central des sinistres automobiles (FCSA), a tool that allows them to access your claims file.

Whether or not you file a claim, declare all accidents to your insurer so that your version can be entered in the FCSA.

The database, which belongs to the Autorité des marchés financiers, is managed by GAA. It tracks any loss filed by a policyholder over the past six years, whether a claim was made or not. In fact, when you report a car accident or file a claim with your insurer, the information is transmitted to the FCSA.

Every policyholder can consult a copy of his claims statement. Here’s how.

Consult an example of a FCSA claims statement [PDF]

Insurers consult the FCSA

When you buy insurance, your insurer will ask you to provide him with all the information needed to complete the insurance proposal. He’ll then access your claims statement at the FCSA and validate with you this information.

Impact of the claims statement on the insurance policy

If a policyholder has a clean driving record, he’ll certainly be offered a preferential rate.

However, if a policyholder was involved in five accidents over the past three years, he represents a higher risk for his insurer. His premium will be set accordingly and could be higher.

Custodian of the vehicle

Claims are attributed to one person only, namely the custodian of the vehicle at the time of the accident.

This is the person who was at the wheel of the car when the accident happened, the person who had charge physically of the car or, in the case of an accident without driver, the person who had physical charge of the car at the time it was damaged or stolen.

To learn more about to whom claims are attributed, see our page on this subject:

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