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GAA 2022 Annual Report

April 25, 2023

GAA presented its activity report on March 22, 2023 at its annual meeting.

Some of the many accomplishments of 2022 include:

The development of new member and partner services:

- A tool to facilitate the settlement of claims involving trailers
- A new guide to better understand RSP reports
- A new workshop material allowance

Various initiatives to better meet the needs of consumers:

- Review of auto insurance policies
- Pilot project to assess the appropriateness of developing a mechanism to offer more comprehensive coverage to businesses
- Solution to provide recourse to policyholders after a loss

The Évolusys project also continued throughout the year.

As you read through the report, which is available on our website, you will see the many and varied projects that kept us busy in 2022.

Enjoy your reading!


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