How many accidents have you had in the past 6 years?

Information about the number of accidents you’ve had in the previous 6 years can be found in a database managed by Groupement des assureurs automobiles. It's called the Fichier central des sinistres automobiles (FCSA). It includes all the claims you had with an automobile, a motorcycle or an off-road vehicle.

The custodian of the vehicle

Claims are attributed to the custodian of the vehicle and not necessarily to his owner. At the time of the accident, your friend was driving your car. The accident will be recorded in his or her file, not in yours. Did your son have an accident with your car? Then the accident will be recorded in his file.

You can consult some examples to better understand the claims attribution rules in this article :
To whom will the accident be attributed.

Who can consult it?

The FCSA is public. You can obtain and check all the accidents registered in your file for free.

An insurer from whom you request a quote will also consult your claims file to establish your auto premium. The premium generally takes into account the number of accidents you’ve had or claims you’ve made.

To consult your claims file

You wish to consult your claims file? Follow the procedure found here.

You have your claims file but see an error? You can ask for a correction by following these steps.



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