Accidents in winter and auto insurance: test your knowledge

When it comes to accidents in winter and auto insurance, check out whether the following statements are true or false. Take the test! 


1- I’ll be compensated by my insurer if I have a fender bender in the middle of winter, even if my snow tires weren’t installed. +


2- The police have to be called to fender bender to establish each person’s liability in the accident. +


3- When road conditions are bad – icy roads, blinding sun, etc. – I won’t be held liable if I can’t brake in time and cause an accident.+


4- The driver in front of me suddenly brakes and I hit the back of his vehicle. He’ll be held liable for the accident. +


5- My insurer won’t compensate me if my vehicle was stolen because I left the engine running on a cold day. +


6- There’s no point declaring a minor accident to your insurer if you don’t file a claim. +


7- If I’m not liable for the accident, I’ll be compensated by my insurer even though I’m not insured for damage to my vehicle. +


8- Even if I’m not liable for the accident, I have to pay the deductible if I file a claim.+



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