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Auto Insurance Settlements

May 20, 2022

Delays Caused by Supply Issues

Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA) wishes to inform motorists that due to supply issues, they may experience delays in the processing of their auto insurance claims after an accident.

As Maurice Lefrançois, Assistant General Manager of GAA, states, “Because payments made by insurers are used to repair or replace damaged vehicles after a loss, the supply issues that are affecting other sectors are also affecting the auto insurance industry.”

Supply issues are currently slowing down a good many automotive claims, whether they involve obtaining new parts to repair a vehicle or replacing a vehicle entirely. The problem exists with all vehicle makes and models, and especially with newer ones.

Insurers focusing on safety

In light of the inconveniences caused by the situation, insurers are actively working with their various partners to find safe solutions that meet the needs of their policyholders.

For example, where possible, some insurers are agreeing to pay for temporary repairs so that policyholders can use their vehicles. In other cases, they authorize repairs with used parts while waiting for the new OEM parts provided for in the contract to arrive. Mr. Lefrançois adds, “The priority for insurers is making sure that the situation doesn’t cause problems in safely getting vehicles back on the road. This means that each case will be treated according to the coverage in the contract, the type of damage and the availability of parts or vehicles.”

Raising awareness and informing consumers

GAA reminds affected motorists to discuss the options available under their coverage with their insurers. The organization will also roll out a campaign to make consumers aware of the situation and remind them of the settlement options and terms provided for in the various types of insurance policies available in Quebec.


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