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Information Centre

Inform and assist

Have questions about your car insurance? Finding it difficult to get insurance? Not satisfied with how your claim was processed?

The Information Centre agents are there to answer your questions.

Managed jointly with Insurance Bureau of Canada, the Information Centre receives thousands of phone calls each year and fields questions about car and home insurance.

The Insurance Information Centre agents are there to answer your questions. 

You can call the Information Centre for information on:

  • Available coverage
  • Scope of the coverage purchased
  • Underwriting criteria

Or for advice to help you in your efforts to:

  • Buy insurance
  • Settle a request for compensation

Unable to find common ground with your insurer?

In certain cases, Information Centre agents can mediate between you and your insurer to resolve an insurance problem, free of charge.

Agents can act as a go-between with the insurer to:

  • Obtain any additional information needed to understand the problem
  • Check certain facts or practices
  • Have the insurer’s decision reviewed, if justified

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