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GAA - 2020 Report of Activities

March 25, 2021

We are pleased to present the 2020 Report of Activities of Groupement des assureurs automobiles.

It would be difficult to reflect on 2020 without mentioning the adjustments we had to make in our respective workplaces. Fortunately, our industry was able to continue its activities deemed essential, as was GAA, which focussed on its mandates and objectives for the year.

Key figures in our Report:

  • 372 insurance access requests processed
  • 13,970 calls about auto insurance
  • 35,111 requests from policyholders to consult the FCSA, and 2.17M from insurers and brokers
  • $246M in premiums transferred to the RSP

The value of these services is all the more significant given the harder market, and well reflects GAA’s responsibility to meet the needs of drivers by providing the insurance they require and promoting fair premiums and streamlining claims settlement.

This Report, which is available on our website (in French only), describes the variety of projects that kept us busy in 2020.

Happy reading!


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