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GAA's mandates

Streamline Claims Settlement

Since it was first created, GAA has streamlined how auto claims are settled and reduced costs.

To do this, it was entrusted with two priority mandates: establish a Direct Compensation Agreement (DCA) and oversee automobile damage appraisal.

In addition, GAA developed the Joint Report, a document used by thousands of drivers every year.

Direct Compensation Agreement

The Direct Compensation Agreement is binding on all insurers. Under the Agreement, each driver is compensated directly by his own insurer, while the liability of each party involved in an accident is established using the Driver’s Fault Chart contained in the Agreement.

The charts, which illustrate just about every possible accident scenario, have been revised over time to keep pace with the jurisprudence and the many changes made to the Highway Safety Code.

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Damage Appraisal

GAA is also able to control claims costs by providing greater oversight in appraising automobile damage.

To do this, GAA is responsible for establishing the standards and procedures that automobile damage appraisers must respect. Their job is to evaluate the repairs to be made on a damaged vehicle.

GAA is responsible for qualifying appraisers. It also establishes the eligibility conditions for the Certificate or qualification. It provides training to appraisers and oversees their work.

These appraisers, whether employed by an insurance company or an appraisal firm, hold a Certificate of Qualification issued by the GAA and are subject to GAA's oversight of their work.

Thus, GAA is present at every stage of the damage appraisal process, from qualifying appraisers to setting the standards and procedures, as well as overseeing this activity sector.

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Joint Report

For a claim to be settled, it must be reported quickly to the insurance company. That’s where the Joint Report comes in. It’s a straightforward tool completed by the parties involved in a minor accident, and used to identify themselves and report the accident to their respective insurers very quickly. With a Joint Report, there’s no need to call the police and have them come for a fender bender.

Every year, GAA hands out over 900,000 Joint Reports.

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