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GAA's mandates

Guarantee access to auto insurance

Under Quebec’s Automobile Insurance Act, every vehicle owner must purchase a minimum amount of civil liability insurance (for private passenger vehicles, the minimum amount is $50,000).

Consequently, GAA was mandated to guarantee the liability insurance required by law, regardless of the risk a policyholder represents. Insurance can be obtained thanks to the access to insurance mechanism.

Access to insurance: provide more than the minimum

In addition to guaranteeing the minimum amount of civil liability insurance, GAA, working together with auto insurers, set up a mechanism aimed at offering consumers, where possible, more comprehensive insurance which better meets their needs. This enhanced mechanism applies only to private passenger vehicles.

Thus, policyholders can obtain a higher amount of civil liability insurance or additional coverage to insure the vehicle themselves.

This initiative by the automobile insurance industry thus enables many Quebecers to get more extensive coverage than that required by law.

Obtaining assistance via the access to insurance mechanism

Risk Sharing Plan

GAA helps drivers who represent a higher risk for insurers get access to auto insurance through the Risk Sharing Plan (RSP).

Through this Plan, these divers are collectively insured by all insurers.

These policyholders continue to do business with the insurer of their choice, thus, benefiting from the advantages and services offered by the chosen company.

The RSP is flexible and effective. Over the years, it has undoubtedly contributed to promoting access to insurance for all drivers, regardless of the risk they represent.


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