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GAA's mandates

Inform Consumers

Information is key to making an informed decision.

That’s why GAA, together with Insurance Bureau of Canada, manages the Insurance Information Centre and organizes several information and prevention activities and campaigns addressed to consumers.

Insurance Information Centre

By calling on the services of Information Centre specialists, consumers get accurate and unbiased answers to their questions on auto insurance.

Every year, thousands of consumers rely on the skills and services of our Centre agents to obtain information, advice or assistance in purchasing insurance or settling a claim.

Find out how our Information Centre can help you

Information campaigns

GAA holds education campaigns for consumers to inform them about insurance coverage and the claims settlement process. It also offers prevention advice to reduce the risk of accidents and theft.

These communication efforts with the public are carried out jointly with Insurance Bureau of Canada. Together, the two organizations offer consumers several tools to help them better understand insurance, including brochures and the web site infoinsurance.ca

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