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Auto Insurance Access Mechanisms: Making a Difference for Policyholders

To fulfill its mission of guaranteeing access to auto insurance, GAA helps vehicle owners who have difficulty insuring their car through its mechanisms for accessing auto insurance.

This service offered by GAA makes a real difference for consumers, but also for the industry.  

Understanding how the mechanism works

The access mechanism allows an owner unable to insure his vehicle to get mandatory civil liability coverage of $50,000, so that he can drive on Québec roads. All auto insurers participate in this mechanism. 

Together with its members, GAA also set up an enhanced mechanism that offers non-mandatory coverage, more specifically to cover damage to the vehicle. Auto insurers voluntarily adhere to this mechanism. To date, member insurers who have signed up represent more than 85% of the automobile insurance market in Québec.

Offer more than the minimum under the Act

GAA has developed such a mechanism to better meet the needs of consumers who, in many cases, can hardly imagine driving their vehicle without having insurance covering damage following a collision for which they are responsible, or following theft.

For example, this could be an additional coverage for the vehicle (Chapter B) or a higher civil liability amount than the minimum required under the Act.

In  practice for insurers

While the risk will be assigned first to the last auto insurer, it could also be assigned to an insurer that covers other consumer property such as a home or business.  Otherwise, the risk would then be assigned to the first insurer contacted by the consumer.

It should be noted that GAA does not intervene on the amount of the premium required by the insurer. However, the mechanism provides that the insurer must offer reasonable terms for the risk, i.e., they must not amount to a refusal.

Consumers must take the first step

For consumers to benefit from the access mechanism, they must first have contacted five insurers or brokers, and been refused by each one.

Consult the process for consumers.

A service that makes a difference

With more than 5 million vehicles on Québec roads, the industry mostly meets the needs of Québec vehicle owners.

These mechanisms for access to auto insurance that the industry has in place are nonetheless essential to ensure access to insurance.  Over the past five years, nearly 2,000 drivers have benefited from this GAA service, which also contributes to a more favourable perception of the industry.

Find out more information about access to insurance in Québec.

Questions about the access mechanism?

Insurance Information Centre agents are available to answer your questions on the subject. And don’t hesitate to refer your clients to the Centre.

Montreal area: 514-288-4321
Elsewhere in Quebec: 1-877-288-4321

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