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Harder Auto Insurance Market: How GAA is Making a Difference

The market has hardened over the past few years. Premiums are up and some policyholders have found it difficult to get the coverage that meets their needs. Thanks to its mandate of guaranteeing access to auto insurance, Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA) plays a key role in this respect.

Access mechanism to assist consumers

The access mechanism is a free service that allows all consumers to find the minimum liability coverage they need to drive on Quebec roads. An agreement with several insurers allows the coverage to be extended over and above the minimum required by law.

Access requests for auto insurance have risen 170% since 2016. Insurance Information Centre officers have helped nearly 1,500 drivers get insurance. However, fewer files (372) were submitted in 2020 compared to 2019, which saw a record 529 requests, most from businesses.

GAA offers direct assistance to consumers, as well as advice to assist them in the purchase process.

Insurers appreciate the Risk Sharing Plan

The Risk Sharing Plan (RSP), which is not as well known by the public, is an industry initiative that allows insurers to distribute the larger risks among themselves. This mandate is managed entirely by GAA.

From 2016 to 2020, premium volume transferred rose 119% for personal risks and 638% for business risks. Once again, the volume of risks transferred fell during the pandemic, down 5% from 2019.  

The data reflects the responsibilities that GAA assumes in meeting the needs of vehicle owners by getting them the coverage they need. 

You can find out more about GAA’s various mandates in the Who Are We? section of our website.

You can also consult our 2020 Annual Report (in French only).

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