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Automobile Damage Appraisal

For the past 40 years, Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA) has worked to streamline the claims settlement process and control costs.

As well as promoting the Joint Report and managing the Direct Compensation Agreement, GAA also oversees various activities related to damage appraisal for automobiles, and heavy vehicles and equipment. These include:

  • Establishing standards and procedures
  • Qualifying appraisers
  • Controlling their work

The role of the appraiser

After a loss, the insurer will have the damage and repair costs evaluated in order to settle the claim. To do this, the insurer calls on the expertise of a GAA-qualified appraiser. 

The appraiser is responsible for determining the techniques appropriate to repairing a vehicle and evaluating the repair costs, while respecting the standards and procedures defined by GAA. The options chosen by the consumer under his auto insurance policy are also factored in.

This estimate will allow the insurer to decide whether to have the vehicle repaired or to declare it a total loss.

Establishing the standards and procedures

GAA establishes the appraisal standards and procedures governing the activity of automobile damage appraiser, which must be respected by all appraisers who hold a certificate of qualification issued by GAA. These standards and procedures are established in collaboration with a committee comprised of insurers and automobiles repairers. 

Providing a framework for qualifying appraisers and controlling their work

GAA establishes the eligibility conditions for an appraiser’s certificate of qualification. It is responsible for providing training and controlling their work.

Appraisers employed by an insurance company or an appraisal firm (whether or not GAA-certified) are subject to these controls.

GAA’s activities encompass a number of automobile damage appraisal aspects, ranging from qualifying appraisers to establishing standards and procedures, while providing oversight for this activity sector. It makes sure that vehicles are repaired according to the manufacturer’s standards of quality, while ensuring fair claims settlement for all policyholders.


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