• Automobile Damage Appraisal: a Key Stage in Ensuring Repair Quality
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Automobile Damage Appraisal: a Key Stage in Ensuring Repair Quality

Of the various mandates of Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA), one is not as well known, but yet is key: oversight of automobile damage appraisal.

To carry out this mandate, GAA sets appraisal standards and procedures, is responsible for qualifying and training appraisers, and for ensuring the quality of their work. 

Revamped quality control process

At the beginning of 2019, GAA implemented a new appraisal quality control process. It prioritizes files for vehicles with complex damage or high repair costs. 

Thus, more attention will be paid to vehicles with damage to parts manufactured with new steel, to the vehicle structure, or to safety and driver assistance components.

That’s not all. Most of these appraisals take place during the repair process. This means that, if errors are noted, adjustments can be made before the repairs are completed. It also means adjusters are provided with personalized support.

Expertise serving the industry and drivers

Well informed of the best appraisal and repair practices, GAA quality controllers are there to advise appraisers and insurers. And through their work, they ensure that damaged vehicles are repaired strictly according to the rules and can be safely driven again.

GAA’s work in damage appraisal is part of the industry’s desire to ensure the quality of the work done, while controlling repair costs for damaged vehicles.

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