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Our Role: Intervene, Not Regulate

With over 350 car insurance interventions in 2020, the Centre d’information sur les assurances (CIA)* is positioning itself as an effective body to inform consumers and help them deal with their insurer. The proof is in the fact that in 45% of its interventions, the CIA helped resolve a disputed case. Although useful, the IIC’s role is limited. Here are a few reminders of what the Centre can do.

Intervention: One of the CIA’s missions

Intervention from a CIA officer may be needed when the policyholder and insurer cannot find common ground, and the CIA officer feels that the situation needs to be clarified. Most interventions are about contract resiliation, contesting a claim settlement or total loss cases.

When a CIA officer intervenes they make sure to verify the insurer’s version and the information provided by the insured. This process allows the insurer to explain the situation and possibly review its decision. The CIA agent cannot in any way force an insurer to change its practices—their role is to help resolve a problem by facilitating the flow of information and discussions between the two parties. The time and explanations provided by the CIA can often break a deadlock and help an insured better understand the situation they find themselves in.

Intervention limitations

The CIA’s role is not to regulate insurers’ practices. If discussions between the consumer and the insurer do not resolve the dispute, the CIA agent will inform the consumer on their recourse options, like a complaint to the Autorité des marchés financiers or legal action against the insurer.

*The Centre d’information sur les assurances (CIA) is jointly operated by the Insurance Bureau of Canada and the Groupement des assureurs automobiles.


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