• The cost of auto insurance is rising. Why?
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The cost of auto insurance is rising. Why?

Your auto premium has gone up, even though you’ve filed no claims?  In fact, many factors come into play and car repairs costs not the least of these.

The stats published by the GAA confirm it: average cost to repair a vehicle following a collision has increased by 32% in 10 years to reach $4,988 in 2019.

Factors That Push Up Repair Costs

One thing is clear: vehicles today are much more sophisticated and are now veritable computers on wheels! However, these technologies have a price when comes the time to have one’s car repaired.

Three main factors:

  1. New technologies and electronic components used in vehicle manufacturing

New parts that did not exist 10 years ago are now standard on the most popular models, including cameras and blind-spot monitoring sensors on front and rear bumpers. And they worth several hundred dollars. A simple fender bender can end up being very expensive if they need to be replaced.

  1. Marked increase in the price of replacement parts

The price of new automobile replacement parts, such as front headlights or mirrors that are often replaced after an accident, has gone up significantly. In 10 years, some of these pieces have increased by more than 200%!

  1. Higher equipment and labour costs

They go hand in hand. The arrival of more sophisticated vehicles also impacts labour costs for auto repairs. Moreover, these advances require significant investments for updating equipment and for training.


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